For as long as I can remember, I have always been tormented by fear. My encounter with fear stems from way back but I can’t really pinpoint the incident which made me realise it (fear).

But the one era in my life when fear almost took my life away, belittled and traumatised me, was when I was writing my final exams during my matric year. I won’t really get into details.

But can I say I have gotten over it? Not really. But what has changed over the years? It’s facing my fears even when I feel like I am being overpowered. One person once said: Fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. And I find it so true. Many at times, one gets to realise that 99% of the things they were fearful of, do not exist.

So what is the trick when fear appears when you have to do things that are way out of your comfort zone? You do them anyway. You take those steps with fear tearing you apart because when you take a risk, it also means you have got faith, so the trick is to go ahead.

In this month of September, take a leap of faith and go for those things that make you so scared. Go for that change that you have been longing for. You will probably find that it is what you needed the most for you to grow.

Challenge yourself and LIVE unapologetically. ~ Roly♥️♥️



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